Pfeiffer Vacuum virtual showroom goes live: comprehensive presentation of leak detection solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

On July 22, 2021, Shanghai – Pfeiffer Vacuum officially launched a new virtual showroom, which will comprehensively Display different types of drug packaging leak detection methods (container sealing integrity test, referred to as CCIT). With just one click, visitors can learn online about the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry when it comes to leak testing non-porous primary packaging, including infusion bags, syringes, blisters, plastic bottles and vials, and more. In addition, through the virtual booth on the website, visitors can learn about Pfeiffer Vacuum’s professional leak detector product portfolio and gain an intuitive insight into the technical means they use through video demonstrations.

It is well known that a durable and reliable seal is a must for pharmaceutical primary packaging. The ingress of humidity, oxygen or microorganisms can seriously impair the quality of the drug product during the shelf life of the product. Drugs that are particularly moisture sensitive (such as dry powder inhalers) can lose stability if the seal is insufficient, or can lead to contamination of parenteral drugs with biomass. To avoid such risks, high sensitivity integrity of drug packaging Testing is critical.

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of leak testing methods for different process steps, packaging types and drug types with professional, reliable and sensitive leak detection technology to solve the many challenges facing the pharmaceutical industry.

At the virtual booth in the online exhibition hall, Pfeiffer Vacuum vividly and intuitively demonstrated various leak detection techniques to visitors through videos, including helium mass spectrometry, emission spectroscopy and mass extraction (Mass Extraction). A unique portfolio of leak detectors for three CCIT technologies and how these products provide assurance of achievable detection limits and cycle times for packaging. In addition to demonstrating leak detection methods for pharmaceutical packaging, there are more details in the showroom about individual feasibility studies in the laboratory. In such studies, experts from Pfeiffer Vacuum present suitable CCIT applications for specific packaging conditions.

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Author: Yoyokuo