Pedal bin mould maker China

Bin mould maker China is good at making different types of bin moulds:Pedal bin moulds,industry using bin moulds,etc.We offer bin moulds for our customers in Brazil,Spain,Saudi Arabia and so on.

For the pedal bins,the main function is when we press the pedal,the cover of the bin could go up,and then we could put the rubbish into the bin.After that,the cover could fall down by itself.The matching for the whole pedal bin is very important.Usually there are three parts or five parts for the pedal bin.Three parts include cover,internal bucket,external bucket(the pedal is directly connected with external bucket,when press,the internal bucket go up and push the cover to open).Five parts bin include cover,internal bucket,external bucket,pedal and connecter pin at the outside of the bucket.

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