PA part molding solution


PA part molding solution is widely used in home appliance moulds, electronic parts moulds areas.
As the beginning of the project, PA mouls design is going to be very important.
As we know hot runner is not so suitable for most of PA moulds.
But besides that, is there any other PA molds trouble shooting key point?
We take one PA backrest mold project as example:
In the beginning of the project, we have made mold material flowing analysis for the
Mould, in order to avoid some problem.
The material we use is PA6+15%GF. But when the project come to end,
One problem appears. It appears the flowing makes in two areas.
The reasons can be 3:
1.       the material have not completely dried
2.       the mould temperature is not correct
3.       the thickness of those two areas are too big
According to above analysis, we modified the injection gate,
Making the injection points to be three, when making the test, connect the mould temperarture controller,
 and adjust the mould to stay in one most suitable temperture.
After the modification, the parts is better now.
For all the PA molds, temperature is most important in injection process.
If you also meet some problem when making production of PA molds,
Please feel free to e-mail us.
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