MTSCO 2017 mid year working conference

China 2017 mid year working conference



Last Wednesday, China hold 2017 mid year working conference in Jiaxing. The meeting summarized the sales during the first half of this year and planed for the future.


In the meeting, Cherry Gao, the general manager of China summed up the work of the first half of 2017. During January to June, our sales has exceeded last whole year’s. And the sales was twice as much as the same period of last year.

Then, the directors of every market summarized the work of 2017. In the last six months, we achieved great sales in bright annealed tube, annealed&pickled pipe, pipe fittings, welded tube and nickel alloy…… Although the price of raw material was rapidly rising, we will do our best to provide best price and professional service. Each employee summed up their own experience and shortcomings, we were full of confidence in the work of the second half of 2017.



Brave Hua, the CEO of China was satisfied with our success. And he proposed that we should put the responsibility on the first. Our vision is to be the most reliable industrial metal service provider in the world.


In the afternoon, all staff participated in a quality development.



Ten people cooperated to write one word



Challenged high-altitude project




Go boating




Although many people showed fear, we finally defeated ourselves and trusted our companions. Through such strong cohesion and teamwork spirit, we will create brilliant future.

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