Mould ejection structure

Cosmetic container mould maker China could supply you high quality cosmetic container mould.All our moulds are well-designed and checked by our experienced engineers.We could design the most suitable mould structure to get fully-automatic molding solution.

For the well-designed mould,the most important is for the mould demolding structure and cooling system to get long mould life and fast cycle time.

There are many different demolding structures for different plastic parts,like ejection pins(block,sheet,pipe),air ejection,stripper,lifter,slider then ejection,pushing by hydraulic system,collapsible core demolding,unscrewing demolding and so on.For certain plastic parts,we must choose suitable demolding structure to get good appearance product and easy operation.

Sino Mould could give you the best solution for the injection molding line.If you plan to invest an injection molding line for fully-automatic running,please feel free to contact me.We could supply a one stop service—new factory arrange,device supply,technology training and machine maitenance.

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