MIT is developing a supercapacitor made of niobium wire

The breakthrough is said to be a new way to make ultracapacitors using niobium wires – nanowires made of niobium – which are used in the electrodes of ultracapacitors. This gives ultracapacitors the ability to instantly provide high power density, which is necessary for tasks such as transmitting data over WiFi or other means.

And the niobium line ultracapactors are certainly more efficient than existing batteries, taking up only a small amount of space and reducing battery size by up to 30 percent, which could help make smaller wearable devices.

According to the researchers, the new ultracapacitors contain different designs for large volume power density, medium energy density and low power consumption, all designed for future wearable devices. The flexibility of the wearable also benefits from the flexibility of the material. Now the team is trying to figure out how to make the material easier to make, so that it can be commercially available in the future. Perhaps future smartwatches will do even better.

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