Maxim Integrated Introduces Industry’s Smallest Quad-Output SIMO Power Management IC, Increasing Power Density by 85%

Beijing, China—November 11, 2020—Maxim Integrated Products, Inc (NASDAQ: MXIM) announces the MAX77655 single-Inductor, multiple-output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC), a new technology breakthrough with the highest power density for Next-generation devices in extremely small size. Compared with the closest competing solution, this PMIC reduces the solution size by 70%, with 4 buck-boost conversion channels providing 700mA current, and only one external inductor, and the total solution size is only 17mm2.

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Engineers engaged in the research and development of ultra-small portable devices such as wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor networking, and health monitors are seeking to integrate stronger computing power, larger storage capacity, and richer sensor resources into the system The solution – integrates all functions into an ultra-small form factor device. The MAX77655 SIMO PMIC integrates four power supplies into a 3.95mm2 monolithic IC and shares the same inductor, solving the space-constrained problem. In addition, the IC’s ultra-high operating efficiency helps extend battery life, with power converter efficiencies as high as 90% under medium and high power loads; quiescent current is only 6.9µA under light load conditions.

For power management platforms with system currents less than 500mA, Maxim Integrated offers two configurable PMICs: the MAX77643 and the MAX77642. These ICs feature the industry’s highest efficiency of up to 93%, support 3 buck-boost regulator outputs with a single inductor, and integrate a 150mA LDO/load switch.

main advantage

Highest power density: 85% higher power density; can provide up to 700mA total current with only 17mm2 PCB area, supporting higher current loads, increasing computing power and sensor resources for next-generation designs

Smallest size: integrates 4 power supplies and only needs a single inductor, reducing the size of the power management solution by 70%

High Efficiency: Up to 90% Efficiency at 3.7 VIN, 1.8 VOUT


“As end-users increasingly demand wearability and integration in ultra-small electronics, it becomes increasingly difficult for engineers to add new features to their systems.” Omdia Power semiconductor Analyst “Any power supply design that reduces size and increases output power will help designers add powerful computing power to next-generation applications,” said Kevin Anderson.

“The MAX77655’s breakthrough SIMO architecture brings new capabilities to millions of small-scale, battery-powered and cloud-connected systems. The solution’s highest power density paves the way for manufacturers of wearable and edge AI designs, whose vision is to increase the ‘intelligence’ and data collection point of these devices.” Karthi Gopalan, director of the Mobile Power Business Unit at Maxim Integrated, said: “With our power solutions, designers can add the most sophisticated sensors with the highest processing power to the system, while at the same time. It meets the demanding needs of customers to provide the longest battery life in the smallest form factor.”

Availability and Price

· The MAX77655 is priced at $1.50 (1,000-unit, FOB US) and is available through Maxim’s official website and through authorized dealers.

· An evaluation kit for the MAX77655EVKIT# is available for $135.

About Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated is an engineering-focused company designed to solve engineers’ toughest problems and drive design innovation. Maxim Integrated has a broad portfolio of high-performance semiconductor products, combined with industry-leading tools and technical support, to provide customers with basic analog solutions such as high-efficiency power supply, high-precision measurement, reliable interconnection, reliable protection and intelligent processing. Maxim Integrated has earned a reputation for helping engineers rapidly develop smaller, smarter, and safer designs in applications such as automotive, communications, consumer, data center, healthcare, industrial, and IoT. For more information, please visit:

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