Matters needing attention when processing precision metal parts?

Before the machining of precision hardware parts, check whether part of the fitness exercise is filled with grease, then run and check whether the clutch and brake systems are all normal, and run the CNC lathe internationally for 1-3 minutes. The machine has common failures. Operation is prohibited at the time. Let's analyze the matters that must be paid attention to when processing.
  1. During operation, the concept must be centralized, chatting is forbidden, and mutual cooperation is prohibited. Operators must not operate under upset and exhausted conditions to prevent safety accidents and ensure operational safety.
  Second, be sure to wait for all other staff to leave the machine working area and remove the dirt on the table during work, then the on-board inverter can start the machine and carry out processing safely.
  3. When you are off work, you should turn off the switch power supply, and sort out the finished products, scraps and dirt on the job to ensure the clean-up and safety of the office environment.
  4. After the machine is started, one person should understand the operation of the machine. Others can't press the power button or the button switch board, let alone put their hands in the working area of the machine or use their hands to move the machine part of the fitness exercise. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the working area of the guide rail slide block, and it is forbidden to take and put the product workpiece with your hand. The CNC precision shaft type machine tool must use special tools that meet the regulations when picking and placing the product workpiece in the stamping die. If abnormal noises or equipment failures are found in the machinery, the main power switch should be turned off immediately for inspection.
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