Mask machine KN95 welding case die processing case (3)

(4) Finishing process of knife edge part:
This part is the key, and the requirements are strict, because the geometry of this part cannot be processed in place by the winding program, and the four-axis machining strategy that comes with the software is used. The four-axis finishing machining trajectory is as follows: the right side is a partially enlarged view.

It is recommended to use a tapered tool for finishing, to improve processing efficiency and processing quality.The distance of the tool path point in the right picture above is set according to the requirements to meet the quality requirements.The software has a strong 4-axis machining strategy, provides a variety of milling processes, powerful multi-axis control and interference checking.4 Machine tool simulation
Use the machine tool simulation function that comes with the software to perform actual cutting simulation on all programs: The following figure is the simulation interface, and the initial blank is the rotary blank designed above:

The figure below is the comparison between the program simulation and the theoretical model. The remaining condition of the blank of each program can be identified by color to judge whether the processing meets the requirements.

The machine tool simulation can simulate the trajectory or G code.During the simulation, if there is collision and interference between the spindle part, tool, tool holder and workpiece, blank and chuck, the system will automatically alarm and prompt.Pause conditions can be set during the simulation process, such as stopping during tool change, in order to view the processing status of each tool.5 Post-processing operation of the processing program
The G code file of the machine tool is generated using the four-axis Funuc system post-processor specially customized by GPP2: The following is the human-computer interaction interface during post-processing:

The following is the G code of the generated roughing and cutting edge finishing program:

For post-processing of the processing program that needs to be wound, it is necessary to set an appropriate winding radius, Z value of the winding reference plane and the initial angle of winding, otherwise processing will cause problems.
6 Generate processing report
The processing report is automatically generated through the Cimatron customized program list. The report is shown in the figure below (some NC processing programs are shown)

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