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CNC turning: 1. Cutting parameter refers to the cutting speed m/min feeding min/r turning depth mm 2. Process the clamping way generally divided into: three jaw chuck Four jaw chuck.3. Lathe clamping workpiece accessories include: follow rest rest faceplate curved plate's top heart 4. Lathe processing range: the technology of face external circular cone inside and outside the centre hole thread of special tapping cut off Cutting bore 5. In a variety of tools and machine parts is the purpose of the handle on the embossing? Beautiful and increase the friction 6. The main effect of tool rake Angle, can make the tool seven sharp. Horizontal lathe which a few parts are there? Main shaft gearbox feed box slip board box side head light bar screw medium carrige 8. Your internship lathe model, used in the various indicators: CA618K – 2 – C: lathe class A: for the first time to improve 6: ordinary horizontal 18: machining workpiece diameter 360 mm K: fast – 2: saddle 9. On ordinary lathe machining parts precision grades: IT6 ~ IT8 (01 ~ 18, A total of 20) 10. Installing A turning tool, tool out length is 2 times the thickness of the cutting tool. 11. Surfacing, turning around from the workpiece surface toward the center, the change of the cutting speed decreases. 12. Lathe turning process characteristics: (1) a straight line of rotors (2) the oblique line of rotors (3) curve of rotors of 13. Your internship CA618K lathe type 2, the biggest diameter of 360 MM to the workpieces, work up to 880 MM, lathe top speed of more than 1000 turn, the minimum speed for more than 30 r, minimum feed 0.06 MM, tool center height of 190 MM, lathe screw pitch of 6 MM. Concept of mechanical dismantling 1. Assembly: the qualified parts assembled into the whole product according to the technical requirements, finally achieved through inspection, adjustment, commissioning final use performance and accuracy requirements. 2. With what kind of assembly method and its applicable occasions: 1) fully interchange technique – suitable for mass production standardization, seriation, in order to improve the production efficiency; (2) the method of choice – is presented, which is suitable for the assembly product, generally refers to the batch production. (3) replacement method – is suitable for single machine production, manufacture products, to make up for the defect of choice method appear; (4) adjustment method – used for adjusting mechanism of the relative position to ensure the assembly accuracy of whole in. 3. Replacement method is suitable for the cases, see above (3). 4. The general assembly process: adjust commissioning test Should be in accordance with the from the top down, the sequence from inside extroversion remove!
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