Jinpeng aluminum products successfully passed the Tianjin 2021 product quality supervision spot check

Recently, the Tianjin Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Commission conducted spot checks on the insulation profiles of Tianjin Jinpeng Aluminum Manufacturing Co., Ltd., and the test results showed that the spot-checked products were qualified.

This spot check is based on GB/T 5237.1-2017 “Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles Part 1: Base Material”, GB/T 5237.4-2017 “Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles Part 4: Powder Spraying Profiles”, GB/T 5237.6-2017 The requirements of “Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles Part 6: Thermal Insulation Profiles” and “Tianjin City Aluminum Alloy Building Profiles Product Quality Supervision and Spot Check Implementation Rules”, regarding the chemical composition and dimensional deviation (wall thickness dimensions) of Jinpeng Aluminum Thermal Insulation Profiles 7, mechanical properties, film thickness, adhesion, indentation hardness, longitudinal shear characteristic value (high temperature), a total of 7 items were tested, and the test conclusion was “qualified”.

Since its establishment, Jinpeng Aluminum has always adhered to the policy of “Quality First, Responsible for Customers”, and strictly produced according to the technical indicators of the national GB/T 5237-2017 standard. It has established a complete quality management system and professional high technology. The talent team monitors the quality of the production process at any time to ensure safe and efficient production and ensure that every product produced meets national standards. Jinpeng Aluminum will continue to work hard to provide our customers with better products and better services.

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