It is said that TSMC has suspended quotations to customers!Official response: do not comment on price issues

As the foundry capacity continues to be in short supply, many foundries have raised their prices since last year. According to a report by Taiwan Central News Agency today, there are market rumors that TSMC has no production capacity to provide to customers due to its full production capacity, and the evaluation of the chaotic price trend of the foundry market has recently suspended quotations to clients.

In response to this rumor, TSMC said it would not comment on price-related issues. TSMC emphasized that it is committed to providing customer value and does not comment on price-related issues.

However, according to IC designers who have cooperated with TSMC for 30 years, they have not found that TSMC has suspended quotations and continues to serve customers. However, the current wafer foundry capacity is quite tight, and there is indeed no way for new orders or new customers. Possibility to meet needs.

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Author: Yoyokuo