Inventory of semiconductor companies to be listed, more than 120

According to incomplete statistics, as of September 23, 2021, in addition to companies that have been publicly issued and listed, there are 122 semiconductor industry chain companies that have applied for IPOs and conducted listing counseling; 13 have been terminated. Among them, more than 100 companies have chosen to list on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

The 122 companies include 5 EDA/IP companies, 2 wafer fabrication companies, 2 IDM companies, 16 material companies (including 4 silicon wafer companies), 64 design companies, 5 packaging and testing companies, 17 equipment and Parts companies, 9 discrete device companies, and 2 others.

EDA (Huada Jiutian, Gaolun Electronics, Guangliwei, Guowei Sierxin)

4 companies are aiming to compete for the first share of EDA. Huada Jiutian (GEM) became the first EDA company to attend the meeting, followed by Guilun Electronics (Science and Technology Innovation Board); GEM) are in the inquiry stage.

As the four largest EDA companies in China, Huada Jiutian, Gaolun Electronics, Guangliwei and Guowei Sierxin have achieved good results in their respective fields. It is worth noting that these four EDA companies have worked hard for more than 10 years. Guangliwei, the longest established company, has been established for 18 years, followed by Guowei Sierxin for 17 years and Huada Jiutian for 12 years. Electronic was established for 11 years.

Huada Jiutian plans to raise 2.551 billion yuan for circuit simulation and digital analysis optimization EDA tool upgrade, analog design and verification EDA tool upgrade, EDA tool development for specific types of chip design, digital design synthesis and verification EDA tool development, supplement Working capital; Gelun Electronics plans to raise 1.21 billion yuan for modeling and simulation system upgrades, design process collaborative optimization and storage of EDA process solutions, R&D center construction, strategic investment and M&A integration projects, and supplementary operating capital; Guangli Microchip plans to raise 956 million yuan for integrated circuit yield technology upgrading and development projects, integrated circuit EDA industrialization base projects and supplementary liquidity, etc.; Guowei Sierxin plans to raise 1 billion yuan for high-performance digital chips Validate platform projects, R&D center construction projects and replenish working capital.

Wafer manufacturing (Yandong Microelectronics, Shaoxing SMIC, Jinghe Integrated, BYD Semiconductor)

Among the three wafer manufacturing companies, Yandong Microelectronics is the longest established among the 120+ companies (established in 1987), and Shaoxing SMIC is the shortest established among the 120+ companies (established in 2018); Yandong The businesses of Microelectronics and Shaoxing SMIC all include power devices, and Jinghe Integrated is currently dominated by panel driver ICs; Jinghe Integrated has begun to inquire, and Yandong Microelectronics and Shaoxing SMIC are both in the stage of listing counseling and filing; Yandong Microelectronics Electronics is an IDM company, Jinghe Integration and Shaoxing SMIC are foundry companies; Yandong Microelectronics received an investment of 1 billion yuan from a large fund in 2018, and Shaoxing SMIC is an enterprise invested by SMIC.

BYD also belongs to the IDM type, producing power devices, CIS, MCU, etc.

Silicon wafers (Mask, Youyan Semiconductor, Shanghai Super Silicon, Shanghai Hejing)

Mask’s current products are mainly 4-inch, 5-inch, and 6-inch semiconductor silicon polishing wafers; the 8-inch product has just started to be sold, and its revenue accounts for only 1%. Musk plans to use 1.562 billion yuan to invest in 8-inch and 12-inch semiconductor silicon wafer production line construction projects, of which 750 million yuan is raised funds. The project construction period is 3 years. After completion, the company will add 200,000 wafers per month. inches and 50,000 12-inch semiconductor wafers per month.

Youyan Silicon is currently mainly engaged in the research, development, production and operation of silicon and other semiconductor materials and equipment, and provides related technology development, technology transfer and technical consulting services. There are two domestic first-class semiconductor silicon material production bases in Dezhou, Shandong and Shunyi, Beijing. The main products include large-diameter silicon single crystals and products for integrated circuit etching processes, silicon single crystals and silicon wafers for integrated circuits, and fused silicon single crystals. and silicon wafers, etc. The company took the lead in realizing the industrialization of 6-inch and 8-inch silicon wafers in China, and took the lead in realizing the technology research and development of 12-inch process, which strongly supported the development of China’s integrated circuit industry. Youyan Semiconductor announced in January 2021 that the second phase of the 12-inch project has passed the national window guidance.

Shanghai Supersilicon is mainly engaged in the R&D and production of large-scale integrated circuit grade silicon wafers. The main products include 200mm polished wafers, argon annealed wafers and epitaxial wafers, and 300mm polished wafers. In addition, the company’s core equipment crystal growth furnace is also independently designed and manufactured by the company. It has two production bases in Shanghai and Chongqing. Shanghai’s 10 billion-level super silicon projects include: AST Comprehensive Research Institute, 300mm automatic intelligent production line, 450mm pilot production line, advanced equipment research and development center, artificial crystal research and development center, etc. It is expected to be completed. After that, the annual production capacity of 3.6 million 300mm polished wafers and epitaxial wafers and 120,000 450mm wafers can be formed, which is of great strategic significance for building a complete integrated circuit industry chain. The first phase of the Chongqing base has reached production of 150,000 8-inch silicon wafers per month.

Shanghai Hejing has been terminated.

RF front-end chips (Haoda Electronics, Weijie Chuangxin, Guobo Electronics, Feixiang Technology)

RF front-end chip players are eager to try. In addition to Awinic Electronics, which has already been listed, there are four other companies that are sprinting: Haoda Electronics and Weijie Chuangxin Science and Technology Innovation Board IPOs have been accepted, Guobo Electronics has completed listing counseling, and Feixiang Technology has completed listing. Counseling records.

CPU (Loongson Zhongke, Haiguang Information)

Loongson Zhongke is the earliest enterprise engaged in the R&D and industrialization of domestic CPUs in China. Loongson is one of the earliest general-purpose processor series developed in my country. With the strong support of other projects, we have accumulated core technologies for ten years. In 2010, Loongson Zhongke was formally established and started market-oriented operation to industrialize the research and development results of Loongson processors.

Haiguang Information has been authorized by AMD to use the new generation of X86 chip architecture, and undertakes the heavy responsibility of domestic production of X86 servers. The goal is to gradually master the most advanced high-end processor design technology through the design of 2 to 3 generations of processor chips and accelerator chips.

The continuous IPOs of Xinchuang Core, headed by Loongson Zhongke and Haiguang Information, are a signal of the acceleration of Xinchuang Core’s listing.

Audio SoC chip

If Zhuhai is the cradle of my country’s audio chips, Actions is the dandelion of my country’s audio chips. At present, many chip design companies in Zhuhai are more or less inextricably linked with Actions.

Actions has inherited 20 years of R&D precipitation and accumulation, and is committed to further creating low-power wireless IoT products that perceive information centered on sound.

Author: Yoyokuo