Interchangeable Crate Mould Supplier

Sinomould is professional in making interchangeable crate moulds, from 2 types crate mould interchangeable to 8 types crate mould interchangeable. Crate mould interchangeable can help our clients save 50% mould cost . Here, I will share the experience how to make interchangeable crate moulds.
If a customer request to have one crate mould to produce different version but same size 2 crates.
Crate 1: perforated bottom – perforated walls;
Crate 2: closed bottom – closed walls
Like below crate pictures.

How can we make this crate mould interchangeable?
Crate1: perforated bottom – perforated walls ,
Solution: use perforated bottom – perforated core on the 5 sides
Crate2: Closed bottom – closed walls
Solution : use flat bottom plate – flat core

If you are interested to invest a interchangeable crate mould, please feel free to consult us !

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