injection molding

Injection molding is an important technology in plastic products making area.
How does it works? Do you know?

1.Injection molding step:

Melting the material by the screw high speed turning, and the speed is very important for melt , it is too slow, then the PET material will not be melt properly ,if too fast, then the PET material will be burns. Of course the barrel is important for heating.

2.Injection step:

it means injection the melting material to the mould .it need the injection molding machine provide the injection pressure for help the material full in the mould.

Then will need some time for keep pressure for molding.

After that, cooling the mould.The injection gate on the mold will be closed.At last, cooling the mould by air and oil.

Got the perform moldings: this is the last step .some customer need the robot for pick up the mold, some are let the perform molding drop automatically.

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