Independent innovation + industrial integration, Wanye’s “two-wheel drive” strategic transformation has been highly recognized by the market

With the introduction of the 14th Five-Year Plan, semiconductors, as a core industry, have benefited from strong policy support. The growing demand for consumer electronics represented by the Internet of Things, 5G, and automotive electronics and the localization trend of the supply chain will promote the localization of the industrial chain. With the help of three factors: policy, capital and market, the domestic market has ushered in a wave of wafer factory construction, and semiconductor equipment has ushered in a high degree of prosperity.

Under the policy warm air, each link of the strategic layout of Wanye Enterprise has successively achieved staged breakthroughs. Wanye Enterprise issued an announcement on the evening of December 1st that its Kasteon integrated circuit ion implanter ushered in a major breakthrough in orders from commercial customers and a variety of equipment. Another major commercialization progress after major domestic chip manufacturing plants. This means that domestic customers have recognized Keystone’s low-energy large-beam ion implanter and high-energy ion implanter for full commercialization.

According to the previous research report of Everbright Securities, the company’s low-energy large-beam ion implanter project progressed smoothly in the third quarter, and major breakthroughs were achieved in many downstream top foundry customers. The company’s orders are full. On the other hand, the company’s high-energy ion The implanter is expected to make further breakthroughs next year, achieve customer delivery, and achieve full product coverage of domestic ion implanters.

It is reported that the order amount exceeds 100 million yuan, and the outbreak of other ion implanter projects of Keystone this year has far exceeded market expectations. Under the superposition of many favorable policies, funds and markets, the company’s future performance is expected to continue to grow rapidly.

Since the beginning of this year, Wanye has accelerated the localization of semiconductor equipment, and has continued to increase the capital investment and support intensity of Keystone’s integrated circuit business. According to the company’s third-quarter report, the company’s investment in research and development of ion implanters increased by 46.02% year-on-year. In September of this year, Shanghai Keystone, a subsidiary of the company, successfully passed the 2020 Shanghai Science and Technology Achievement Transformation and Industrialization Project Review announced by the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission, and the project of “Integrated Circuit Equipment RF Power System R&D and Verification” successfully entered Shanghai List of special projects for integrated circuit technology support in the city’s 2020 “Science and Technology Innovation Action Plan”. This is the second time that Keystone has been recognized by government and industry experts after the project of “Key Technology Research and Prototype Verification of High Energy Ion Implanter” was officially included in the plan last year.

In addition, Wanye has always regarded the epitaxial development strategy as an important work goal, and promoted the development and layout of the semiconductor integrated circuit business through capital cooperation and business cooperation. Since the beginning of this year, Wanye has successively invested in Huazhuo Jingke, a core technology of dual workpiece table, Aojie Technology, a chip design company, and Guowei Sierxin, a leading EDA solution company, through the Shanghai Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Fund. semiconductor companies. In October of the same year, Keystone, a subsidiary of Wanye Enterprise, took a stake in Core Chain Sunac, and led the investment in the Northern Innovation Center to help improve the industrial ecology. In addition, according to the company’s third-quarter report, Wanye Enterprise has made a strategic investment in Anhui Fullerde Technology Development Co., Ltd. to deploy integrated circuit cleaning equipment, which will promote the downward extension of its industrial chain and will also In some pan-semiconductor industries, multiple businesses have formed synergies. The company has successively carried out a comprehensive layout of the integrated circuit industry chain, and the scope of investment targets has fully covered important fields such as integrated circuit equipment and materials, which has laid a solid foundation for the diversified development of the company’s integrated circuit business.

On the whole, the increase in the holdings of the National Integrated Circuit Fund and the breakthrough in orders for integrated circuit ion implanters marked a substantial breakthrough for Wanye Enterprise to transform into an integrated circuit equipment and materials group. As a leading integrated circuit equipment platform enterprise in China, Wanye has been continuously supporting the innovation and research and development of domestic equipment, and actively strategically laying out the equipment and materials track through independent research and development and epitaxial mergers and acquisitions. Wanye Enterprise stated that it will continue to deepen the two-wheel drive transformation of “extension M&A + industrial integration”, enhance the company’s core competitiveness, and continue to tackle integrated circuit equipment materials in the future to achieve greater breakthroughs in revenue and profits.

Author: Yoyokuo