Humidity and temperature sensor with interchangeable sensing module

The EE212 humidity and temperature sensor by E+E Elektronik is ideal for difficult measurement tasks in climate technology, agriculture and the pharmaceuticals industry. Due to the modular probe design, the sensing module can be simply replaced directly on-site if needed. E+E sensor coating, the extensive choice of filter caps, and the robust IP65/NEMA 4 enclosure assure accurate and dependable measurements even under challenging working conditions.

The device’s sensing head contains a sensing module with the latest-generation high-precision E+E humidity and temperature sensing element. The E+E proprietary sensor coating and the sealed solder pads enhance measuring performance and increase the sensing elements life in a severe environment. The electronics inside the module is encapsulated and, therefore, best protected against condensation. A broad choice of different filter caps is available for the sensing probe.

One major benefit of the device used in a heavily polluted and aggressive environment is the modular probe design. It facilitates easy replacement of the sensing module with a few steps and entirely without tools. This means that downtime and service costs can be reduced.

A wall version and a duct version of the device are offered. The HVAC enclosure enables the sensor to be mounted with a closed cover. This indicates that electronics are protected against construction site pollution. The enclosure screws with bayonet closures aid fast opening and closing of the cover to complete the electrical installation. For employment in the US market, the enclosure provides a knockout for a 0.5″ conduit fitting.

Author: Zhuna