Huawei is facing an unprecedented “crisis”

Hello everyone, welcome to Geek Talk, today we are going to talk about a very hot company in the current market. The status of this company is definitely a big brother. In a sense, this company’s influence is far more than BAT. Speaking of which, I believe many friends have already guessed who this company is. That’s right, the company’s name is Huawei.

In fact, there are already a lot of articles and programs talking about Huawei in the market. From the original point of view, I don’t want to talk about Huawei, but after thinking about it, it seems that I can’t talk about it. Let’s talk about Huawei. When it comes to Huawei, I believe that most people will give a thumbs up like me. It can be said that this is a company that is too good. It is known as the most powerful technology company in China and a representative of national enterprises. 5G pioneers, etc., there are countless similar reputations! However, what we are going to talk about today is not Huawei’s achievements, but the topic that many media want to talk about but always hesitate to talk about, that is Huawei’s crisis!

When it comes to crises, 2019 is definitely an eventful year for Huawei. Since the Spring Festival, Huawei’s crisis events have been one after another, and each one is more complicated, and one is more difficult… It is no exaggeration to say that taking out any one of them may be fatal to most companies. the blow. But Huawei is Huawei after all. Not only has it not been stumped by various crises, but it has become more and more courageous. After a series of clever operations, the crisis has turned into a turning point.

Today, Huawei’s global prestige and influence are higher than ever. 5G leads the way, Hongmeng is born, and the first and second-class good news for mobile phones to enter the global market is constantly emerging, a thriving scene. It seems that there is no crisis in Huawei, is it all good news! But it’s all good news, and the biggest bad news. The crisis we are talking about today does not come from outside, let alone from the United States, but from within Huawei, from one good news after another.

Have you noticed that in the past year, Huawei has been showing more and more muscles. This may be due to external pressure. Of course, it may also be that it is time for them to show their muscles. In any case, Huawei’s muscles Power is becoming more and more clear, more and more intuitive, and more and more intensely presented in front of us. When you mention Huawei, you may immediately think of three words. The first word is cow, the second word is cow, and the third word is cow. In the short term, this kind of strength is definitely a good thing, a manifestation of strength. But in the long run, this power is precisely Huawei’s biggest crisis.

As we all know, the reason why Huawei is so strong is that Huawei has more friends and its ecosystem is doing better than others. That is, there are more companies willing to do business with Huawei, and more people are willing to do business with Huawei. Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei and his executives often say that Huawei is a limited company and does not have to do everything by itself. Huawei wants to build an ecosystem and make the cake bigger with all partners. In the whole ecosystem, Huawei only takes 1%, and the remaining 99% belongs to everyone. However, now Huawei has unknowingly deviated from its original intention. Today’s Huawei is very similar to Tencent a few years ago. It is extremely powerful and omnipotent. It can do everything it wants and can do everything. This made his old friends very scared, and also made new friends afraid to approach.

For example, in an emerging market, Huawei is not the first to create, and sometimes even fluctuates, that is, it adopts a wait-and-see attitude, letting other companies explore first, and once the path is clear, Huawei immediately invests a lot of R&D personnel. The resources of the company will soon be able to catch up from the back, and then use its strong brand influence and marketing ability to quickly seize the public opinion, those startups that were at the forefront lost everything in an instant! For another example, Huawei’s most commendable achievement is its self-developed chips. However, many of its details, many elements, and many solutions are learned from partners. For example, their NPU artificial intelligence computing chip was first used by a startup company, but after using it for a generation, Huawei quickly made its own replacement products, and early partners were left there.

The above two points are Huawei’s increasingly strong performance in technology, but many of Huawei’s practices have actually been criticized by many people in the industry. , in fact, is imitation and plagiarism. This is not the main thing, what is the main thing? Huawei is no longer satisfied with building infrastructure and terminals, and has even begun to intervene in the production of terminal content, such as AI content, media content, etc. In a word, Huawei feels that it wants to do everything, whatever It can be done. The so-called end-to-end of the whole scene is actually a spoonful, and there is no room for third-party partners at all.

In addition, on the key basis, Huawei can always catch up with its strong R&D advantages. Your idea, your innovation, Huawei will soon learn, that is, the model of imitation and plagiarism that is criticized by the industry, it quickly You can come up with a product of your own, and then you won’t need yours! It wouldn’t be a big deal if Huawei just competed with companies of its own level, but in fact, many entrepreneurial companies and even micro companies have begun to have a head-on conflict with Huawei.

I saw a news this morning that Huawei sued a startup company for using fake Huawei accessories and related products. There is nothing wrong with fighting counterfeit and shoddy products. I am also a clear-cut supporter of fighting counterfeit and shoddy products, but I want to emphasize that in many cases, these companies do not really want fake and shoddy products, but for various reasons, they cannot get genuine products, or Huawei intentionally or unintentionally blocked some markets and blocked some people. That is to say, Huawei now has fewer and fewer friends and more and more enemies. If things go on like this, it will definitely not be a good thing for Huawei.

Actually this is a very big problem. If Huawei does not make strategic adjustments, we will soon see that a giant aircraft carrier will stop moving forward or even reverse. This is definitely not an alarmist. The embankment of a thousand miles collapses in the ant’s nest. I don’t want to see Huawei going backwards. Because Huawei is still one of my most respected companies so far, but the problems Huawei is facing now are indeed very serious. If it is not handled well, there will definitely be a reaction, and we will see the reaction very soon.

Looking at Huawei’s development in the past few decades, we will find that its best decade of development is precisely its most modest and prudent decade. In the entrepreneurial stage, Ren Zhengfei often said that Huawei is a company without technology and management. Of course, this is a modest statement, but it is precisely such a company without technology and management that has created countless technological miracles! On the other hand, the current Huawei is not what it used to be. Today’s Huawei has both technology and management, but it is precisely such a powerful Huawei that makes people feel that winter is coming.

I remember that there was a time when Huawei encountered a similar situation. At that time, Huawei had just destroyed the harbor and returned to the peak of its business. Whether it was the desire to expand itself, or the external business environment, it was pushing Huawei to move quickly. run before. At that time, all Huawei employees worked very hard, and they were vigorous and resolute in their business. Slowly, when Huawei was mentioned, one word would come to mind, and that was wolf. The wolf gives the impression that it is stable and accurate, has a very strong teamwork ability, and has a very strong ability to hunt prey. Gradually, the wolf-like culture has become Huawei’s core culture, or the wolf-like culture, and it has become an image label for outsiders to view Huawei.

From a positive point of view, the wolf culture means that Huawei’s business capabilities are very strong and its survivability is very strong, but the wolf has another side, that is, people are afraid, or the wolf is very aggressive, and it is difficult to cooperate. unwilling to cooperate with it. In addition, wolves have another biggest characteristic, that is, they do not give up until their goals are achieved, and they will do anything to achieve their goals. So after Huawei was labeled as a wolf, it encountered a series of negative problems, much like now. But at that time, Huawei quickly realized this, so Ren Zhengfei took the lead, and the executives of various product lines led the team to constantly reiterate through the media that Huawei was not the core culture of Wolf Huawei, nor the culture of the wolf, but the Striver culture, which is customer-centric, striver-oriented, persists in hard work for a long time, and then slowly deduces its own ecological theory, that is, Huawei is a limited company and does not have to do everything by itself. , In the entire ecosystem, Huawei only takes 1%, and the remaining 99% belongs to everyone!

In short, after a series of cultural value reshaping, Huawei started to have more friends, which brought Huawei’s second peak until it became the world’s largest network communication giant. However, history is always strikingly similar, and now Huawei seems to have returned to its original point, revealing the face of a wolf again. In fact, this is a very noteworthy sign, because the next Huawei strategy will directly determine the development of Huawei in the next ten years. As an individual, I sincerely hope that Huawei can get better and better, that Huawei can quickly feel the problems it faces and make strategic adjustments, but the current Huawei is not the same Huawei as the original Huawei, can it be? If we make the same decision, whether we can make a decision that is more in line with future development, we will wait and see!

Thank you, everyone, that’s all for today’s sharing, see you next time.

Author: Yoyokuo