How to distinguish the quality of silicone products

Good quality silicone products in Europe and the United States and other countries is very popular by the people, in the domestic silicone market also has great potential! You can be sure that there will be more silicone products in the future, a large number of the influx of silicone products into all walks of life, then for silicone products manufacturers, the production of silicone products. A good quality silicone product is the most important thing. Then good quality silicone products, it must have what characteristics, how to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of silicone products?

1, good temperature resistance, where the temperature resistance includes high and low temperature, silicone is a temperature-resistant material, its temperature can reach up to 240 degrees, with a minimum temperature of -40 degrees. Generally speaking from professional technology, this requires the manufacturer to grasp all aspects. Control each process, so that the production of silicone products will reach a high-quality level.

2, easy to clean, silicone products is a waterproof product, put in the waterside will not hit any change. And the silicone cookware can be boiled in hot water to sterilize, or put in the washing machine or dishwasher to clean! The silicone products will not wash badly.

3, long life, silicone material in the space is also a very messy organization, but the chemical properties are also very stable, not with the general is not a good idea. The chemical substances have any reaction, the general weak acid, and weak base will not have any change. Silicone products have a long life, so the general silicone products, especially silicone kitchenware and other silicone products, used 3 – 5 years is no problem, silicone products are more durable than other materials.

4, soft and comfortable, silicone products, this feature means that silicone this material can produce some soft daily necessities. For example dishwashing brush silicone gloves

5, color diversity, silicone material to participate in the color masterbatch, and the vulcanizing agent, the color change then, so the color of silicone products is very beautiful and bright!

6, environmentally friendly non-toxic, silicone is an environmentally friendly non-toxic material, it has a good safety performance.

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