How to distinguish inferior retreaded tires

  Distinguishing point XNUMX: Observe the color and luster of the tire pattern

From the perspective of the texture, in general, the grooves are relatively shallow due to the irregular processing of inferior retread tires.In terms of color, inferior retread tires look bright in color and shiny, while the regular ones are relatively dark.

Identification point XNUMX: Observe the overlap between the tread and the sidewall

First look at the sidewall, whether the various signs are complete, and each tire manufacturer has a forum pattern code mark to see if the pattern code corresponds to the tire pattern.Secondly, look at whether the joint between the tread and the carcass at the shoulders is smooth. The retreaded tires are all self-made treads that are attached to the old carcass. The overlap between the tread and the sidewalls is not as smooth and round as the new tires. There are bonding marks on the side.

Distinguish point three: tire mark

Brand tires produced by regular manufacturers have some raised signs on the tires, indicating the type and performance of the tires, the expiration date is printed on the inside, and the wear marks in the tread anti-skid grooves are clearly visible.Generally, the signs of retreaded tires are mostly re-attached. If you scratch these signs with your nails, the retreaded tires must be removed.

At the same time, every qualified new tire will have a special wear mark after leaving the factory. Generally, the outside of the tire will be printed with a TWI or a small triangle mark. Generally, reaching this mark indicates that the tire is worn out and cannot be used and must be scrapped.

The refurbished inferior tire logo is affixed by the workshop itself, so it can be distinguished by grabbing the logo with your hands.

In addition, you can also hold both sides of the tire, and inferior retread tires are relatively soft.

When car owners understand tire identification methods, they must also pay attention to the following points:

First of all, you can’t just save money and go to unqualified roadside stores to change retreaded tires at will.

Secondly, there are very few retreaded car tires in China at present, and you should be cautious when you encounter particularly cheap retreaded car tires.Some businesses sell retreaded tires to consumers in the name of “XNUMX% new tires” that have not worn out for a long time. This is also a must.

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