How to deal with the plunger failure of four column hydraulic press

This or that kind of failure will inevitably occur in the use of the four column Hydraulic Press. The main reason for the plunger seizure of the 315 ton hydraulic press is the deformation of the cylinder hole. Usually, the central steel ball on it falls off during assembly. As soon as the pump is started, the end face of the cylinder block is stuck, causing the cylinder hole to bite the plunger due to deformation. In addition, the central return spring is broken and the cylinder support roller bearing remains damaged, which will also cause the plunger of the horizontal hydraulic press to be bitten or the pump to be damaged.

When the plunger of the four column hydraulic press is bitten, the cylinder block and other main parts must be removed for inspection. Moreover, the possibility of repairing the damaged parts is often small, so the replacement method is usually used to eliminate it.

The pump of four column hydraulic press runs for a long time. Due to excessive wear of the plunger pair, the matching clearance is too large, so that the pressure of the pump does not go up or the oil output is insufficient at high pressure. The reasons for the above phenomena: in addition to the oil factor, there are low heat treatment hardness of the plunger, unqualified material and high rough friction of the cylindrical surface. However, this phenomenon should be characterized by uniform wear.

The plunger and cylinder block with excessive wear are generally replaced. Although this repair method is rapid and effective, it is not economical. In fact, as long as the cylinder hole deformation is not very serious, the method of fine grinding or grinding can be generally used to make its shape and position accuracy meet the requirements of tolerance. Then replace the plunger with the cylindrical outer diameter to increase. When the horizontal hydraulic press is used, the effect is basically the same as that of parts replacement.

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