How To Control The Accuracy During CNC Machining Aluminum Surface Oxidation ?

Having been in the machining industry for many years, I have encountered many customers consulting the same problem. Asked whether there is a definite influence on the accuracy of mechanical parts during the aluminum oxidation process? 
Whenever the customer mentions this problem, we will inform the customer in detail. The oxidation of aluminum material does have an impact on the accuracy of mechanical parts, 
because oxidation is a chemical treatment method that will modify the appearance of aluminum materials and increase the hardness of mechanical parts. This is also chemical coating technology!
How to control the precision of mechanical parts during the oxidation process of aluminum, if the precision of the thickness of the mechanical parts is required, the process size or negative difference size of the machined parts can be increased according to the accurate size after oxidation treatment to ensure the fine machinery The processed part meets the process request on the drawing after oxidation treatment. 
In the process of machining mechanical parts, not only the size and thickness of drawings are accurate, but also the size requirements of fine holes, steps, holes to edges, etc. These are the same as the thickness request processing method.
The oxidation of aluminum material has an impact on the accuracy of mechanical parts, but it can be controlled in the machining process of mechanical parts, which can ensure and meet the process requirements on the customer's drawings!
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