How to choose a high-precision CNC lathe

CNC lathes, also known as CNC lathes, are currently the most widely used and covered cnc machine tools in China. The CNC lathe is a mechatronic product integrating mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, microelectronics and information skills. As a CNC lathe manufacturer with more than 50 years of machine tool manufacturing history, CNC lathe products are subdivided into hard rail CNC lathes, linear rail CNC lathes, inclined bed CNC lathes, high-precision CNC lathes, etc.
Users engaged in the machining industry are not unfamiliar with CNC lathes, but for users who have just been engaged in the machinery and equipment industry, they are faced with many CNC lathe manufacturers, many CNC lathe models, and choosing a high-quality equipment is indeed a piece of It’s difficult. To buy a suitable CNC lathe, you must be fully prepared: Before buying: Go online or ask which manufacturer of CNC lathes is better, check the information for comparison, and choose a few good CNC lathe manufacturers.
As a reminder, be sure to go to a manufacturer that feels good to conduct field inspections, including the manufacturer’s strength, equipment capabilities, quality control, the quality of the manufacturer’s machining equipment, and whether there are sophisticated testing equipment. Purchasing: Sign a reasonable standard contract with the manufacturer to ensure its own interests. After purchase: Communicate with the manufacturer’s skilled personnel to understand the correct operating standards and maintenance methods. It also depends on the follow-up service after delivery by the manufacturer, including debugging training for CNC lathe equipment. After-sales service: Whether the after-sales service is timely and the skill level of the after-sales personnel must be taken into consideration.
Foreign trade container shipping A manufacturer’s strength, history, equipment capabilities, and quality control determine the quality, function, and accuracy of CNC lathes. Therefore, the selection of manufacturers is particularly important. Then, in the face of many CNC lathes on the market, which brand of CNC lathe is better What? Is it cost-effective?
In summary, we recommend Liande machine tools for you here for the following reasons: 1. Quality assurance: Liande Machine Tools has been engaged in the production of machine tool products for more than 50 years. It has rich experience in production and pays attention to the quality of equipment. “Integrity is the foundation, quality is the soul “The business philosophy has ensured that the quality of CNC lathes is getting better and better. 2. Skill guarantee: Liande Machine Tool pays attention to the cultivation of talents, and constantly introduces advanced production skills, and constantly innovates and develops. The CNC lathes produced have common advantages in intelligence, automation, and digitization. 3. Strict precision testing: It has advanced testing equipment such as the US photodynamic laser interferometer, the British Renishaw ballbar, and the Swedish Hexagon three-coordinate measuring instrument to ensure product quality. 4. Green and environmental protection: Liande machine tools incorporate energy-saving and environmentally-friendly elements to ensure green production and efficient work during the production process.

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