How is the level of operation of CNC machining masters?

The beginners of cnc machining know that the learning is difficult, the knowledge to be mastered is very complicated, and the learning is often lost. The confidence in learning is also falling. Presumably this is the general feeling of CNC processing practitioners. Everything has to find ways, sometimes choose to decide success or failure. The success of CNC machining masters cannot be separated from choosing the right method. According to interviews with many masters, let’s summarize the masters’ operation level. .
First, there is a comprehensive understanding of cnc machine tool processing. Understand the mechanical structure of the machine tool; master the function of each button of the machine tool; understand what kind of operating system the machine tool you are operating; understand what kind of work language the system uses, the software used in machine tool processing and the language used.
Second, to master the manual or automatic operation of CNC machining, master the movement of the CNC axes of the control machine.
Third, it is necessary to master the modification of the program, the compensation of the parameters of each process and the compensation of the diameter and length of the tool or the grinding wheel.
Fourth, practice the machining process in the CNC machining process, do the preparatory homework, first read the drawings, confirm the orientation of the CNC machining workpiece, confirm the precision of the CNC machining workpiece parts, and then modify the CNC machining program.
Nothing is unachievable. The success of the masters has also gone through thousands of hardships, after thousands of times of personal operation. I hope that according to the experience of the predecessors, one step at a time to learn, and ultimately will greatly improve the level of CNC machining operations.
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