How far is the CME China Machine Tool Show between us and the “manufacturing power”?

On August 29, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other three departments issued a special action guide, announcing that it will take 10 years to promote the quality and brand of the equipment manufacturing industry to reach the level of the world’s manufacturing power, and to establish a new quality and brand of Chinese manufacturing with Chinese equipment. Image.
The guide issued on the same day is the “Special Action Guide to Promote the Quality Brand Improvement of the Equipment Manufacturing Industry”. Prior to this, on August 20, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Guidelines for the Implementation of High-end Equipment Innovation Projects (2016-2020).” This guide sets the goal: by 2025, China’s equipment in important fields must reach the international leading level.
The two consecutive documents both set the equipment manufacturing industry’s 2025 target against the internationally leading level or the level of a manufacturing powerhouse.
The goal is only ten years, and how much we have to go before we are “manufacturing a power”?
According to statistics from the National Bureau of Statistics, the added value of China’s equipment manufacturing industry increased by 6.8% in 2015, accounting for 31.8% of the added value of industrial enterprises above designated size. In order to achieve quality improvement, the measures that China’s equipment manufacturing industry will implement include: implementation of regional and industry quality brand enhancement actions, implementation of process optimization and key common quality technology tackling actions, implementation of superiority and strategic industry quality brand escort actions, and implementation of quality throughout the industry chain Brand coordinated actions, the implementation of the integration of manufacturing and service industries to promote the quality brand promotion action, and the implementation of the “Going Global” action of Chinese equipment.
As far as the entire manufacturing industry is concerned, machine tools have undoubtedly become one of the most important sectors in its development plan.
The machine tool manufacturing industry is the “engine” and “heart” of China’s industry and national economy, especially major technical equipment, which is a concrete manifestation of a country’s comprehensive national strength. It is an inevitable trend to revitalize the machine tool manufacturing industry and promote its internationalization.
The development of enterprises is the main body of the machine tool industry’s revitalization. In conjunction with the recent news that DMG Group closed its Shanghai plant, DKK Ma Hao Ji Temai (Shanghai) Machine Tool Co., Ltd. issued an official announcement, stating the reason: In recent years, due to the decline in domestic and foreign economic growth trends, the market has gone from bad to worse. The company has been facing many serious problems such as low capacity utilization, high inflation, increasing production costs and decreasing market demand. These problems have caused the company to incur huge long-term accumulated losses. In view of this, the company’s shareholders have decided to stop production from August 29, 2016.
However, is the machine tool market really deteriorating according to DMG? The answer is obviously no. At present, China is in the mid-stage of industrialization. A number of high-growth industries based on heavy industries, such as automobiles, steel, real estate, building materials, machinery, electronics, and chemicals, are developing strongly, forming a huge demand for CNC machine tools in the machine tool market. China has overtaken Germany to become the world’s largest machine tool market. This is one of the great advantages for the development of domestic enterprises.
The huge market demand constitutes the hope of the entire machine tool industry. However, due to the treacherous changes in the economy, the machine tool classification market often has obvious changes and upgrades in the demand for equipment. So in this kind of change, how can companies quickly and accurately meet the market’s demand for equipment?
The exhibition is undoubtedly a good choice. The establishment of a temporary market promotes effective face-to-face connection between supply and demand parties and rapid integration of industry information, which plays a great role in balancing the adjustment of the industry’s supply and demand structure. The old customer of CME China Machine Tool Show, Mr. Yan of Bystronic Dineng Laser, also said in an interview that the company participates in more than 30 exhibitions every year. The high-intensity exhibition promotion has also become the market of Bystronic Dineng Laser in Asia. The main secret of No. 1 share.
The huge on-site transaction volume (nearly 800 million per session), such as professional visitors (nearly 100,000 person-times per session), is precisely because of the achievements of CME China Machine Tool Show in temporary market construction that make CME become Bystronic. The key selection object in the laser exhibition plan. Leading the supply-demand connection of the machine tool market, showcasing the latest scientific research results, and promoting effective communication between the supply and demand sides are also the consistent service concept of CME China Machine Tool Show.
The huge R&D investment cost of the enterprise must be supported by strong market demand, and it may take less than 10 years to seize the market and become a “manufacturing power”.

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