hot runner mould advantage

When customer reception today, the engineer asked the customer for the bigger mould do you need use hot runner. Customers on the mould is not very understanding, use the hot runner cost will increase, that why so many manufacturers choose to use? Oneself is just into the line so it want to explore, this is a list of the hot runner than cold runner has incomparable advantages:
1, shorten the molding cycle parts
Because there is no limit to the gating system, cooling time, stamping shape after curing can be out in a timely manner. Many use hot runner mold production of thin-walled parts molding cycle can be under 5 seconds.
2, save the plastic raw materials
In pure hot runner mold because there is no cold runner, so the production costs of material. For the plastic price expensive project was particularly significant. In fact, the main Because of the hot runner technology is to reduce cost is an effective way to reduce the cost of raw materials.
3, reduce waste, improve product quality
In the process of hot runner molding, plastic melt temperature in the runner system was controlled accurately. Plastic can be more uniform state into the cavity, the result is consistent with the quality parts. Gate of hot runner molding parts are of good quality and low residual stress after demoulding, deformation small. So a lot of high quality products on the market are manufactured by hot runner mold.
4, eliminate the follow-up process, be helpful for production automation.
Parts after molding mould of hot flow path is the finished product, do not need to trim the gate and recycling processing cold runner and other processes. Conducive to automated production. Many products manufacturers abroad all combine hot runner and automation in order to greatly improve the production efficiency.

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