High-speed punching machine runs with precision and stability

The high-speed punch is made of integrated special cast iron alloy with high rigidity and shock resistance. The slider is designed with a long guide path and equipped with a slider balancing device to ensure precise and stable operation. All anti-wear components are equipped with an electronic timing automatic lubrication system. If there is a lack of lubricating oil, the high-speed punch will stop automatically.

The advanced and simple control system ensures the accuracy of the operation and stop of the slider. High-speed punches can be matched with any automated production requirements to improve production efficiency and reduce costs.
The design principle of the high-speed punch press is to convert the circular motion into linear motion. The main motor generates power to drive the flywheel. The clutch drives the gear, crankshaft (or eccentric gear), connecting rod, etc., to achieve the linear motion of the slider. The movement to the connecting rod is a circular movement.

Between the connecting rod and the slider, there needs to be a transition point for circular motion and linear motion. There are roughly two mechanisms in its design, one is a ball type, the other is a pin type (cylindrical type), through which the circular motion is moved Converted into linear motion of the slider.

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