High quality plastic table mold

Sino, the professional plastic table mold supplier in China, we specialized in offering customer high quality plastic table mould with best plastic molding machine service.


As the professional plastic table mould supplier, we produce various kinds of table moulds, such as round table mould, rectangular table mould, square table mould, etc.


As the professional plastic table mould supplier, we provide high quality mould to make customer satisfied. In order to avoid the plastic table surface deformation, we usually add ribs to increase the strength of the desktop. Product modeling stage, we normally increase the desktop shrinking to avoid the shrinkage problem, so that the table surface will be more beautiful. Due to the plastic table shape, the table mould need optimal cooling system, so before the mold design, we usually use mold flow analysis to identify the best location of the cooling.


If you want to purchase plastic table mold with high quality, think of us as your plastic table mould maker and supplier. We have the confidence to make you satisfied.

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