Geely 6005 Mines successfully developed high-speed rail XNUMXA large-size aluminum rods

Recently, Geely 6005 Mining Group has successfully developed and produced XNUMXA large-size aluminum alloy round bars for high-speed railways. The products have successfully passed the review by the expert group, and various performance indicators have ranked first in the industry.This marks a breakthrough in the group company’s independent trial production of high-end aluminum alloy materials.

The project is implemented by Feng Enlang’s team. Under the leadership of Feng Enlang, the technical leader, the team rises to the challenge, and the members perform their duties and arrange carefully.Fully argumentation was conducted before trial production, a detailed trial production plan was formulated, and the in-depth analysis and judgment of technical problems that easily occurred in production, continuous tracking and timely resolution of various key technical difficulties in production, ensured the orderly production of trial production. conduct.In the end, with the joint efforts of all engineering and technical personnel, the 6005A round bar for high-speed rail was successfully developed. At the same time, the project declared 22 patents and published 6 papers. “Since the beginning of this year, the Research Institute has focused on researching and trial-manufacturing high-value-added products based on a high starting point and a high positioning. The successful research and development of 6005A round bars for high-speed rail has laid a solid foundation for the group company to subsequently trial-produce larger specifications of cast rod materials. Further research and development of high-end products for the group company, and boosted confidence in entering the high-end field.” Feng Enlang said.

Figure 1-2 High-speed rail 6005A production process

Figure 3 Products used in high-speed rail train manufacturing

The technology developed this time to meet the production technology of large-scale, high-performance 6005A aluminum alloy ingot products for high-speed rail and realize industrial application, greatly enriched and extended the product variety of aluminum deep processing in Guangxi, especially Baise City, and improved The technological level of Baise aluminum and aluminum processing industry has been improved, and Baise has become a large and strong aluminum and aluminum processing market.

6005A large-size round ingots for high-speed railways lay the foundation for the processing and manufacturing of various rail transit profiles.The products are aimed at the high-end requirements of rail transportation, and the domestic and foreign markets are extensive, which is of great significance to the realization of the modernization and localization of my country’s transportation.

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