GaA1As photocouplers ideal for small-medium IGBT or power MOSFET gate drivers

Toshiba TLP570x GaA1As Photocouplers, available now from Mouser, integrate an aluminium gallium arsenide infrared LED optically coupled to an integrated high-speed, high-gain photodetector in a compact six-pin SO6L package.

The series is physically smaller and thinner than a photocoupler in an eight-pin DIP package and meets international safety standards for reinforced insulation. The photocouplers offer a smaller footprint solution for applications that need a safety standard certification. An internal noise shield gives a guaranteed common-mode transient immunity of 20kV/μs. The photocouplers are offered in standard SO6L and wide-lead SO6L (LF4) package variants.

These devices are ideal for PV power conditioning systems, industrial inverters, induction cooktop and home appliances, air conditioner inverters, mosfet gate drivers, and IGBT gate drivers.

Author: ceq12 1222