For future operation and growth, TSMC launches Mesozoic succession plan

This personnel adjustment is aimed at developing their long-term operation, production management and business capabilities.

TSMC’s next successor is coming.

According to recent media reports, TSMC has launched the Mesozoic succession plan internally, that is, the job change of the “successor candidates for the next echelon”, aiming to cultivate their long-term operation, production management and business capabilities.

Specifically, the personnel changes of TSMC are as follows:

Wang Jianguang, who was in charge of all TSMC fab operations, was transferred to the corporate planning organization, mainly responsible for product pricing and product development;

Qin Yongpei succeeded Wang Jianguang and was responsible for the manufacturing and operation of all 12-inch factories.

TSMC said that the transfer of Wang Jianguang and Qin Yongpei is the company’s long-term plan for future operations and growth, which requires more training in production and business.

At the same time, TSMC also made corresponding job adjustments to the three deputy general managers Wang Yinglang, Zhang Zongsheng and Liao Yonghao who were originally in charge of manufacturing. Among them, Wang Yinglang is responsible for the production and operation of processes below 28nm, including the 5nm mass production that will be mass-produced, the Nanke 18 plant for trial production of 3nm, and the mainland wafer fab.

Zhang Zongsheng took over the technical committee originally in charge of Qin Yongpei on the basis of the trial production of the Bamboo 12B advanced process that he was in charge of, and was responsible for all TSMC photomask businesses.

Liao Yonghao will be responsible for all 12-inch mature processes, as well as the production of WaferTech in the United States, in addition to the business of all 8-inch factories of TSMC. TSMC also said that the above three all reported to Qin Yongpei.

Author: Ling Xuan

Author: Yoyokuo