Food Grade Silicone Tubes

Food-grade silicone tube silicing raw materials, by scientific formula and advanced technology processing.

The product has soft, high temperature resistance, high transparency, tasteless, non-yellowing, non-spray cream and other advantages
Food-grade silicone tubes

Key features:
1, soft, good elasticity, resistant to distortion;
2, non-toxic, tasteless, highly transparent, not yellow;
3, not cracking, long service life, cold, high temperature;
4, tear inge strength is high, superior electrical performance;

High-transparent high temperature-resistant silicone food grade silicone tube main performance:
1, non-toxic, tasteless, high lying;
2, soft, good elasticity, anti-twisting deformation;
, not cracking, long service life, cold resistance, high temperature resistance;
4, tear strength is high, superior electrical performance
, the temperature under the constant yellow, no frost, no white foam, no fading.

Main uses:
1, food pipe;
2, food machinery with connecting tube;
3, baby bottles, straws and other straws;
4, electrical instrument shell, profiles, etc.
5, medical equipment with connecting tubes, pipes;
6, water dispenser, coffee maker, children’s suction cup, etc. with connecting tubes, pipes.

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