Factory Wholesale: What Silicone Cake Cups Can You Purchase?

Are you looking for a reliable supplier to provide you high quality cake baking molds with reasonable price? How do you think about silicone cake cups? Silicone bakeware now have an increasing market. May be silicone cake cup is a good business chance for you.Here, Weishun is a factory do wholesale. Do you want to know what silicone cake cups can you purchase from Weishun factory?Here are some silicone molds you can take a reference:01. Typical Round Sheets Fluted CupDiameter 7 cm cupcake cupsIt is a common round, fluted cup, made from silicone, usually can be used in baking patty, cupcake and muffin.
02. Flower Petal 7 Cake CupMultifunctional lower Silicone Pudding MoldIt is a mold diameter size is about 6.5 cm and it's height is about 2.5 cm. Flower petal 7 silicone cup can be used to make dessert, tart and pudding and so on.03. Creative Silicone Cupcake Mold
Craft Rose Dessert MoldBeautiful rose flower shaped dessert cup, this mold make rose flower shape dessert a breeze. There is a hole on central of mold, it also can be used to bake creative shape donut and biscuit.

04. Oval Muffin CupsMuffin Cake Cups Oval ShapeOval shape 1 cavity cake cup is another common shape like round shape.
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