Excellent Superalloys-Alloy 617

Excellent Superalloys-Alloy 617

 Recently, Eraum has produced a batch of seamless tube of alloy 617 after a period of hard work by research staff and workers. Alloy 617 has excellent corrosion resistance in hot corrosion areas such as vulcanization environment, especially in oxidation and carbonization environments up to 1100℃. These corrosion resistance, together with excellent mechanical properties, make this alloy particularly suitable for high temperature applications. It is used in industrial and aviation steam turbine components, air heaters, muffler tanks and radiation halls, high temperature heat exchangers, valves and springs, such as helium/helium medium heat exchangers, chemical equipment, helical pipes and pipes in petrochemical industry.


At present, the output of alloy 617 is low, and there are few suppliers that can produce in batches. As a mature nickel alloy supplier, Eraum will continue to research and develop more new materials. Any inquiries, send to the email: [email protected]


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