Due to the intensive listing of 5G mobile phones, domestic smartphone sales rebounded at the end of February

(Original title: Intensive listing of 5G mobile phones stimulates domestic smartphone sales to stop falling and pick up at the end of February)

Author: Li Na

Mobile phone manufacturers want to increase in a market with a highly concentrated market share, which is tantamount to grabbing food from the tiger’s mouth. The war of attrition of manpower, channels and funds is inevitable, and this year is even more difficult for the entire industry. The “black swan” advent. According to the previous research agency IDC, due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the domestic smartphone market will face a sharp decline of about 40% year-on-year from January to February.

However, judging from the recent actual market performance, the heads of many leading mobile phone manufacturers told the first financial reporter that the market has begun to bottom out, especially at the end of February and the first week of March, sales The data is already close to the level of the same period last year, or even higher.

“Our sales have increased by more than 10% year-on-year in the first week of March.” Liu Hong, vice president of vivo and president of the Chinese market, told reporters that the current work resumption rate of vivo has reached more than 80%, and the production line resumption rate has also exceeded 90%.

Prior to this, many manufacturers, including Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO, said they were making every effort to restore the supply chain to ensure market supply.

“The weekly sales volume of smartphones in March has returned to the pre-epidemic average, about 6 million units per week, of which the sales growth rate of 5G mobile phones is higher than the overall recovery level.” Li Rui, CEO of Nuowei Consulting, told reporters.

Domestic market data picks up

In terms of time, every spring is the “prime time” for mobile phone market sales. Under normal circumstances, starting from December of the previous year, mobile phone manufacturers will prepare storefront materials and outdoor materials, and agents can make a lot of money in the Spring Festival promotion. The profits in the first three months are can account for half of the annual profit.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the mobile phone turnover rate in first- and second-tier cities has plummeted. The first financial reporter learned from several leading mobile phone manufacturers in China that the two weeks beginning in early February were the most severely hit by the epidemic.

Due to the intensive listing of 5G mobile phones, domestic smartphone sales rebounded at the end of February

Wu Qiang, vice president of OPPO, told reporters that from the perspective of the disk, the sales data of offline channels in the entire industry in February were “folded in half”, which has never happened before. “Simply put, commercial entities in many regions are at a standstill, offline stores are closed and closed,” Wu Qiang said.

Liu Hong told reporters that after the outbreak of the epidemic, the decline in the entire market was indeed serious, but since March, the growth rate has been relatively good.

“We have also experienced various difficulties and challenges in the past, and we should have confidence in dealing with some pessimistic data.” Liu Hong said that the current priority is to resume work and production, and the resumption rate of front-line employees and channels has gradually approached normal. The production line is also actively operating, increasing production efforts to meet the needs of the follow-up market.

According to the data provided by Nuowei Consulting, the sales data of the domestic mobile phone market has been rebounding for four consecutive weeks. Although it has dropped by 5% last week, the overall upward trend of the market has not changed.

“I saw a lot of data before that showed that the domestic market fell by 90%. This is because the shipment data and retail data are biased, and the speed of resumption of work and production must be lower than that of retail, but in fact, even when the epidemic was the worst, Domestic retail has not been stagnant, so we must look at the data objectively.” Li Rui told reporters that channel providers such as Suning and Dixintong used small programs and online and offline interaction to increase sales, which now seems to be effective, plus various manufacturers. With the introduction of the O2O policy, the recovery of retail entities has reached the level of 70%.

5G mobile phone prices accelerate “drop”

Accelerating the full price segment coverage of 5G mobile phones and stimulating market consumption have also become the focus of domestic mobile phone manufacturers’ layout after the epidemic.

It can be seen that starting from late February, the launch of new 5G mobile phones has accelerated significantly. According to data from the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, in February 2020, 16 new models were launched, including 1 2G mobile phone, 4 4G mobile phones, and 11 5G mobile phones. Judging from the 5G models currently on the market, Huawei and vivo are the two most widely covered price segments among domestic mobile phone manufacturers.

Judging from Huawei’s 5G layout, the flagship Mate series and the upcoming P40 series still focus on the high-end market, but the prices of individual 5G models of its brand nova and Honor have dropped to 2,999 yuan, while vivo has launched In the 5G “fleet” camp, the three 5G mobile phones Z6, iQOO 3 and NEX 3S released since February have achieved full coverage in the price range of 2000-6000 yuan. The number of 5G flagship models of OPPO and Xiaomi lags behind the above two, but entering the second quarter, the number of 5G listed models will also increase.

Liu Hong said that according to the feedback from the channel, 5G products are in short supply. By the end of March, the daily production capacity of vivo 5G mobile phones will increase to the order of 100,000 units. “If a mobile phone offers both 4G and 5G versions, even if the price of the 5G version is 700 to 800 yuan higher, more than 70% of consumers will still buy 5G directly in one step.” Liu Hong said.

“Our Z6 has already started to sell, the main channel order calls have been blown up, and the operator is also very supportive. At the same time, we have transformed quickly, and the product has been sold as soon as it arrives at the store.” Liu Hong told reporters that vivo is in the store. There is no pressure on the inventory of 4G mobile phones above 2,000 yuan, and you can give it a go on 5G.

The research firm Counterpoint has previously predicted that in 2020, the number of 5G mobile phone products in the Chinese market is expected to exceed 100, and they will cover the mid-to-low-end price range below 2,000 yuan in the third to fourth quarters.

Li Rui told reporters that the current market share of 5G mobile phones is about 15%, and the sales data for a week is 800,000 to 900,000. The growth rate after the epidemic is higher than the recovery rate of the overall market.

“If we follow the plan before the epidemic, there will definitely be 5G mobile phones around 2,000 yuan in the second quarter, but if the epidemic spreads overseas, it depends on the delivery rhythm of each manufacturer and the recovery of the supply chain.” Li Rui said.

Regarding the supply problem of the supply chain, the reporter learned from the manufacturer that the impact on production will not be great.

Wu Qiang said that OPPO’s domestic production capacity accounts for about 45% of the total, and overseas is about 40%, and a small part adopts the ODM strategy, so that changes in a certain country will not cause great damage to the entire business market. Influence, this year OPPO released models above 3,000 yuan will all be 5G mobile phones.

Liu Hong said that at present, vivo has five production bases around the world, with the annual manufacturing capacity of nearly 200 million smart terminals, and will prepare as much as possible to reduce the impact of uncertain risks. 5G mobile phones will be an accelerated state.

Author: Yoyokuo