Double color bathtub mould

Sino mould has made many kinds of double color mould,such as double color bathtub mould,double color helmet mould,double color broom mould etc.  Generally they are molding  as such methods:

1.     over molding

2.     rotating injection molding(machine rotating or the mould rotating)

For the double color bathtub mould we using Secondary injection molding,first injection the main white part then injection the bottom green parts. The green parts is made of rubber which is prevent slippery.The injection molding machine we using the ordinary one it is common to say,but we added one injection unit on the machine  has an Angle of 90 degrees to the mould achieve the double injection.

If you’re interested this kinds of mould or other double color injection mold,pls kindly contact with us.

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Author: ceq12 1222