Does titanium plate have radiation?

Titanium plates don't emit the same radiation as computers and cell phones. In orthopedic bone internal fixation material selection is not a medical stainless steel and titanium bone plate and carbon fiber, because of the carbon fiber stiffness bone hardness ratio is closer to the human body, but the carbon fiber in clinical applications, the carbon fiber bundle longitudinal split easily, easy injury to human tissue, and the processing is trival, high cost, difficult to widely used in clinical, the second choice for medical stainless steel and titanium alloy plate, because the stainless steel in the human body is after implantation of titanium implant rejection is bigger, so common of titanium and titanium alloy implants.

Theoretically, the titanium implant can be removed without removal, but the internal implant is a foreign body to the human body, which will cause physiological rejection. If the age is small, the titanium implant should be removed; if the age is higher, the titanium implant can be considered long-term implantation.

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