Do You Think Wallet Still Have Demands On Market?

With the development of science and technology, our mobile phones are not only getting lighter and lighter, but also more widely used. Some special applications such as Alipay and Wechat make it possible for us to pay online.It seems that wallet is unnecessary in today due to more and more people lead a "no cash" life.
Is it really that cash is unimportant in today's life?
Of course not!Wallet is not only a bag to place your cash and cards, but also a thing to express one's individual. There still a great demand of wallets, especially fashion or unique wallets on market.In addition, In 20 years, online payment cannot completely replace cash. Though online pay is popular in todays, however, do you notice that online pay is just one of payment way when buying products? Actually, cash is more popular in the rural area.All in all, it is impossible that there will have no people need wallets.Wallets is still a popular products. silicone wallet, for example. Silicone wallets are widely used as a promotional gift. Businessman requests silicone products manufacturers to print his brand, logo or AD words on the surface of wallet, so that they can use these wallets to extrend their market.Their still a demands of wallet, so it is impossible that wallet will disappear.

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