Dimension specification during titanium processing

The scale of titanium material is one of the basic knowledge of titanium material. The scale of titanium material generally refers to the length of titanium material. The length of titanium material mainly includes length, width, height, diameter, radius, inside diameter, outside diameter and wall thickness, etc. Titanium length is measured in meters (m), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm), and so on. To understand that they have to understand titanium, titanium consists of titanium rods, titanium plates, titanium tubes, titanium wires, etc., rolled out of titanium and titanium alloys.

1. Scale determination of titanium

The scale scale is the length or the length by the width is not less than a certain scale, or the titanium plate length. Length by width from how many to how many scale within the delivery scale. Production units can be produced according to this scale demand supply.

2. The feet

Refers to the general length, where the product scale (length or width), in the specification of regular scale, but does not require a fixed scale called indefinite ruler. The indefinite length is also called the general length. Metal materials delivered in indefinite measure shall be delivered only within the regular length scale. For example, if the general round titanium is no more than 25mm and its general length is 4-10m, the round titanium with a length within this scale can be delivered.

3. Length

Cut into fixed scale according to the order requirement is called fixed scale. In the case of delivery to a fixed length, it is necessary to deliver the metal in the length specified by the Buyer in the order contract. For example, if the contract states that the goods are delivered at a fixed length of 5m, it is necessary for the materials to be delivered at a length of 5m. Any material shorter than 5m or longer than 5m is disqualified. But in fact the delivery can not be 5m long, so the rules allow for positive error, but not negative error.

4. Times the feet

Press the fixed scale that orders a demand to cut into integral multiple call times ruler. At the time of delivery, the length of the metal documents shall be an integral multiple of the length specified by the Buyer in the purchase Contract (called a single foot) (plus a saw opening). For example, in the order contract, the demander needs a single foot length of 2m, so the length is 4m when cut into double feet, 6m when cut into 3 times feet, and one or two saw mouths are added. The sawing amount is regulated in the specification. Only positive error is allowed and negative deviation is not allowed.

5. Narrow feet

A narrow ruler is one whose width is less than the lower limit of an indefinite rule, but not less than the narrowest width allowed. When delivering narrow-gauge goods, it is necessary to pay attention to the narrow-gauge shares and the narrowest gauge in the relevant regulations.

6. A short ruler

The length is less than the indefinite length limit of the titanium tube specification rules, but not less than the permitted minimum length is called short ruler. For example, the regulations in the water and gas transport titanium tubes permit 10% (by the number of pieces) of 2-4m long short-scale titanium tubes per lot. 4m is the lower limit of indefinite length, and the minimum allowable length is 2m.

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