Determine the car factory loading oil and service station special oil


Engine oil bench evaluation equipment evaluation equipment has just been introduced or is being introduced one after another. Since the 1980s, China has successively introduced standard bench evaluation equipment from Taiwan that has imported some engine oils from major refineries in Europe and the United States and China. Chinese engine oils have begun to evaluate equipment based on international standards. Endurance bench test and road test of automobile lubricants. A new product of automobile oil or determination of factory-loaded oil and service station special oil should not only check whether it meets the physical and chemical performance requirements according to the product standard, but also carry out the standard regularly. Bench test. Important products are also subject to actual road driving tests to determine the actual quality and performance of the lubricant. The Lanzhou Refining and Chemical Company cooperates with major automobile manufacturers to conduct research and use tests for the development of each new high-end lubricant product. The conclusion of Dongfeng Motor Company is: Lanzhou Refining and Chemical Company’s SFIOW ​​gasoline engine oil has shown good adaptability to Fo Ke OHO crude 0 engine, and can be used as loading oil and after-sales service oil for EQ1030 series gasoline vehicles.

Get out of the misunderstanding of the selection of automotive lubricants. Automotive lubricants are important related products in the automotive industry. With the continuous development of automobile production technology and the strict requirements of automobile energy saving and emission, the standards, quality grades and assessment equipment of automobile lubricants are constantly being upgraded. In recent years, the upgrading of automotive lubricants has been the fastest among lubricants, among which automotive engine oils have increased by one level every two to three years. In the “Tenth Five-Year” development plan of China’s automobile industry, the reliability road test has put forward more advanced indicators in terms of total target, product structure adjustment, and technological innovation. High demands.

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