Custom Compound Die Stamping parts

Compound Die Stamping

For one feature stamping, single stage die is suitable for a single purpose, like blanking, piercing or punching. The parts are simple structure and only one operation will be taken to finish them.We offer Custom Compound Die Stamping parts according to drawing or sample.

Compared to single stage die, compound dies allow two or more features or operations to be combined into one die, such as blanking shapes, punching holes and draw raised hills or press ribs, all these features will be realized in one stroke in one compound die, which can guarantee tight tolerances and flatness part. Compound dies are most effective for smaller production runs with limited budget on stamping tools, this is very cost-effective method to make medium to high volume stamping parts and keep labor cost and stamping tools cost low.

Custom Compound Die Stamping Manufacturer

Engineering design
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 Compound Die Stamping parts Process

1.R&D We support customer R&D. Make the files or improve the design if you needed.
2.Negotiation The quality, price, material, delivery time, payment item, ect.
3.Place an order According your own design or you chooses our design.
4. die According customers request to design tool, design aproval , order material, machining and casting ,material arrive , die assembly, die sporting, die tryout, first sample, tool development, ok sample, pre buy off, final tool development, buyoff, shipment.
5. Sample shoot If the first sample come out is not satisfied customer,

we modify the mould and until meet customers satisfactory.

6.Products in store If your quantity is beyond our storage, we will provide lead time to you.
 7. Delivery  Delivery goods by sea or by air, according customers requirement.

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We produce quality CNC machined parts, sheet metal fabrication, metal stamping prototypes and production, wire forming parts,deep drawn enclosures and related metal parts. We are committed to provide custom-made metal stamping parts at high quality and lowest cost.Under current economy situation, most customer are persuing cost-effective items.

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