Compare With Glass Ashtray, What’s The Advantages Of Silicone Ashtray?

With so many smokers all over the world, ashtray, for most family, is a common daily necessities. Actually, in China, no matter the host is a smoker or not, ashtray normaly can be found in most people's home.Obviously, ashtray has a large amount of consumption and a wide range of requirements. This fact has reference meaning for sellers who want to select his main products.  Glass and hardware are two mainy material of ashtray sold on markeet. But with customer's increasing interest of creative promotional gifts, sales of silicone ashtray increase rapidly  in recent years.Did you know the silicone ashtray?As its name indicates, it is a ashtray made of silicone. Actually, silicone matrial is not a new thing for people. It is widely used in many industries such as daily necessities and electronic construction. Many common consumer goods such as some baking mats and cups, sealing ring, bar pads and so on are made of silicone or their mainly material is silicone.Silicone ashtray can be so popular is due to its particularity of material. The mainly raw material of silicone ashtray is silicone rubber. It is a environmental friendly material, resistant to extreme temperature (-40℃~230℃), anti-drop and anti-collision.The excellent features of silicone ashtrays are the mainly reason why it can take the place of glass ashtray as well as metal ashtray become the new popular products.Compared with glass matrial ashtray, silicone material ashtray has an absolute advantage in anti-fall and collision. In most situation, if dropped from the desk, generally the glass ashtray will  rupture. If the dropped glass ashtray has a thin side wall one, it even will broke to pieces.If you use a silicone ashtray, you have no need to worry about that you must buy another ashtray to replace the cracked glass ashtray which dropping from desk. Silicone is a soft and flexible material. It has good resilience, ability of stretching back and cushioning effects. Due to its softness characteristic, it will not be broken even dropped from high altitude.Compared with metal materials ashtray, silicone rubber ashtray also occupy advantages. Hardware materials, actually is a compound metal, which may include steel, copper and aluminum etc different metal. The drawback of metal material ashtray most customers can not tolerant is that the black dirt and stains is difficult to remove. The black dirt maybe a production of reaction between chemical substance in cigarette smog and metal. Unlike metal ashtray, silicone rubber ashtray is more inactive. Unless here is damaged black dirt caused by burning, most dirt mark can be cleaned.
How about the price of silicone ashtray? Is it expensive?As a silicone material manufacturer, Wei Shun Silicone can tell you that the wholesale price of silicone material ashtray is not high. Few dollars can buy samples to see the quaity. If your are a seeller of Amazon or other shopping website, finding a factory as your supplier is a wise idea.If you have some ideas toward silicone products, why not share them with us?

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