Compact switching regulators are optimised for thermal management

Compact switching regulators are optimised for thermal management

Versions with nominal output voltages of 3.3, 5, 12, 15, or 24V are available, each accepting input voltages up to 60V.

“Switching regulators are particularly suitable for applications where the efficient handling of high ambient temperatures plays a role in safe functionality: e-mobility, industrial transport and solar panels,” according to distributor Rutronik UK, which is stocking the parts. “In addition, the regulators can be used for 48V bus applications, for example in the automotive, cloud computing and robotics sectors.”

The 12 x 12mm modules, which are manufactured in Europe, have peak efficiency between 73 and 92% depending on version and, being buck regulators, require an input voltage above the output voltage, with headroom of round 2V for these parts.

Output can be trimmed up and down in voltage, and power-good outputs plus control inputs allow several of them to sequence themselves at power-up.

With derating, operation can be at up to 105°C without a heat sink.

Integrated protection include under-voltage lock-out, over-voltage short-circuit and over-temperature.

Six-sided shielding is built in for electromagnetic compatibility, and the data sheet includes and add-on CLC π filter to achieve EMC filtering according to EN55032.

Compact switching regulators are optimised for thermal managementMatching evaluation boards are also available from Rutronik.

Author: Yoyokuo