Commercial carbon dioxide sensor for HVAC and ventilation applications

The Honeywell CRIR Commercial Carbon Dioxide sensor is a single channel, non-dispersive infrared sensor. The device is available now from TTI Europe.

Within the CRIR is a sensing chamber with an infrared source at one end and a detector provided with an optical filter at the other end. The source emits radiation at wavelengths that incorporate the absorption band of CO2. The filter blocks wavelengths not sensitive to the presence of CO2, which increases selectivity and sensitivity.

The Automatic Baseline Correction function can automatically calibrate the sensor’s lowest reading over a pre-configured interval to 400ppm CO2. This improves long-term stability and can remove the necessity for calibration.

Suitable applications for the device include HVAC, demand-controlled ventilation, indoor air quality measurement, and air purification systems.

Author: Zhuna