Collapsible Silicone Bowl, A Portable Bowl For Travel

How about the collapsible silicone bowl Weishun can supply?Is this bowl manufactured by your company?Production workshop of Weishun
WeiShun is a manufaturer in Guangdong China. We can not only produce this collapsible silicone bowl but also other silicone matrial products. OEM & ODM order is welcome.What is the characteristics of this silicone bowl we sell?This silicone foldable bowl is with a lid.The features of this collapsible silicone bowl is foldable, soft and good appearence.This foldable have three sizes: S, M, L
S: 5.2*7*5cmM: 9.5*12*8cmL: 9.5*16*10.5cm

This collapsible silicone bowl is perfect for preparing or storing food or fruits. It is in wide use. Instant noodles, salads, fruits, yogurt making, a foldable bowl carried by your side that can save space.The lid is designed for leak Proof function. The leak-proof cover fits comfortably and reduces the possibility of spillage. You can also print your logo or brand name on the lid, so that it will be a good promotional gift which make your customers remember you at every time he or she use this collapsible silicone bowl.Ways of getting this collapsible silicone bowlContact Weishun please. You can send and email to Ms Marina Liu: [email protected] Or you can contact our saleman from the product's page of this Collapsible Silicone BowlTell us you special requirements and the order quantity, we will quote you within one working day.After payment, our factory will arrange your goods and will send them to you.

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