Cnc machining spindle speed function character detailed

The spindle speed function word of the cnc processing equipment is used to specify the spindle speed in units of r/min. The address character is S, such as S100, which means the speed of 100. There are also two ways to apply the speed. When applying, add G96 and G97 to distinguish the application.
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G96 is constant line speed cutting G97 is the speed per minute. That is, the machine tool has been running at this speed for a period of time. The speed of the G96S100 spindle varies with the diameter of the workpiece. That is, the spindle speed is kept constant by adjusting the spindle speed of the cnc machining equipment during turning. Generally, the turning diameter changes. For larger step shafts and tapered parts, it can also be used for turning of end faces to ensure uniform finish. However, as the diameter of the workpiece is continuously reduced, in order to ensure that the spindle speed cannot be too high to burn the motor, G50 is generally used. The maximum speed is limited. For example, the G50S1500 indicates that the maximum speed is 1500 rpm. The G97S100 spindle speed is always maintained at the specified speed of 100 rpm, which is generally used for chip milling, hole machining and groove machining.
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