Cloud operation service market TOP 5: China Telecom, Inspur, Dawning, JD Cloud, China Mobile

According to IDC’s “China Cloud Operation Service Market (Second Half 2020) Tracker” report, in the second half of 2020, China’s overall cloud operation service market size was 13.59 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.9%.

From the perspective of market segments, in the context of favorable policies, the cloud-based operation service market has rebounded strongly, especially in the second half of 2020, the government’s cloud use has gradually transitioned from resource-level construction to providing comprehensive service support for businesses and the rapid development of the medical industry. The deployment of the cloud to promote the accelerated development of the cloud generation operation market, the overall market growth rate was 28.2%, and the market accounted for 75.2%;

With the growth of hybrid cloud and the trend of more applications going to the cloud, cloud operation and maintenance services become more important. The increased use of remote operation and maintenance, intelligent operation and maintenance, and multi-cloud management services has helped the cloud operation and maintenance service market to recover its vitality. The growth rate was 22.9%, accounting for 24.8%.

In the second half of 2020, China’s top five cloud operators market analysis: China Telecom (00728) actively expands the main scenarios of the government affairs industry, and on top of the existing six major capacity sectors, refines the main business of the political and legal committee, the public security industry and the legal inspection department. business scenarios and deepen the development of the government cloud industry; Inspur actively expands the construction of government cloud by virtue of its advantages in the field of independent research and innovation, and continues to expand in the fields of industrial Internet and medical care; the comprehensive urban cloud solution and related products launched by Sugon – City Cloud Brain Playing a key role in the construction of digital smart cities by virtue of its great strength; while expanding government cloud infrastructure, JD Cloud actively expands the cloud generation operation market in Huimin applications and big data applications; China Mobile (00941) has made a strong breakthrough and accelerated its penetration in an all-round way. The cloud generation operates the market, accelerates the increase of market share on the provincial and municipal government cloud platforms and creates more opportunities in the medical industry cloud market.

Wang Chengyue, research manager of IDC China Enterprise Research Department, said: In the second half of 2020, the cloud operation service market will develop vigorously. The refinement and scenario-based development of government cloud use and the adoption of cloud in the medical industry will accelerate the recovery of the entire cloud operation service market. The continuous increase in demand, the accelerated evolution of service provider deployment models and the continuous improvement of service models have further optimized the direction of the cloud operation market. In the future, more applications for industrialization and benefiting the people, as well as the implementation of smart scenarios and smart services will trigger the demand for “cloud + big data”, intelligent and efficient operation and maintenance, and unified operation services. While cloud operation service providers actively expand the construction of the ecosystem, More attention should be paid to improving the cloud service capabilities of the full life cycle.

Author: Yoyokuo