Classification and development of titanium wires

Titanium and titanium alloy wire as an important variety of titanium material series, no matter from the output, specifications and application of the present has been a considerable development. Generally speaking, titanium and titanium alloy wire refers to titanium products supplied in the form of disc, and also in the form of straight wire. 

In terms of diameter size, the division of rod and wire is not strict, and different countries are different. Titanium wire and titanium alloy material as the leader of metal materials, with a series of other metal materials can not be compared with the excellent performance, so in recent years, the rapid development, and is quickly and widely used in aerospace military and other high-tech fields. The United States, Russia, Japan, China and other countries in the world attach great importance to the research and development of titanium alloy, continue to develop new titanium alloy materials, expand the application of titanium and titanium alloy. As a result of the continuous deepening of research and product series increase, now a lot of titanium products, such as titanium wire materials have been more and more into the field of civil consumer goods.

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