Chipset that improves STP and cable transmission design flexibility


Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. launched *new 3.12Gbps Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link (GMSL) SerDes chipset, which can greatly increase the design flexibility of shielded twisted pair (STP) and coaxial cable transmission; designers use Traditional STP or coaxial cables with lighter weight and lower cost can support high-resolution automotive infotainment systems.

At present, STP cables are commonly used in car design to transmit data to the car’s infotainment system display. However, more and more OEM manufacturers are beginning to try to switch to coaxial cable solutions to reduce the cost and weight by more than 50%. When using Maxim’s SerDes chipset, OEMs can still continue to use STP cables in their designs, and they can seamlessly switch to coaxial cable solutions without replacing components in future module designs.

The chipset provides 15 meters of coaxial cable or STP cable drive capability, which provides sufficient margin for reliable and flexible design. The built-in spread spectrum function of each serializer and deserializer can effectively improve the EMI performance in the link without the need for an external spread spectrum clock. Each serializer can be used with any deserializer in the series to support different interfaces for the link terminal. In addition to providing high-resolution drivers for the center and rear seat displays, this series of chipsets are also suitable for megapixel camera systems.

main advantage

Reduce cable cost and weight: Each SerDes chipset can use coaxial cable, which reduces cable cost and weight by more than 50%.

Support high-resolution display: It can drive a 24-bit color 1920×720 pixel display to improve the visual effects of security and entertainment systems.

Longer cable transmission distance: The chipset can reliably drive a 15-meter cable, which is 50% longer than competing solutions.

Very low EMI: The serializer has a built-in spread spectrum function, which can effectively reduce EMI without external components.

In addition, each component operates in the automotive temperature range of -40°C to +105°C; providing evaluation (EV) boards and price information for customers who meet the requirements. In addition to the previous generation of GMSL SerDes products, HDCP compatible versions are now available.

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