China Auto Parts Network participated in the 2013nd China Electronics Show in 82

Sponsored by China Electronic Equipment Corporation and undertaken by China Electronics Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd., the “2013 82nd China Electronics Show” will be grandly opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on November 13, 2013. At that time, China Auto Parts Network will also participate in the three-day exhibition.
As the pace of modernization continues to evolve, the market importance of the auto parts industry has become increasingly prominent. However, in the face of increasingly diversified target markets, how can auto parts companies achieve sustainable economic growth for themselves and the industry? Active and independent innovation that meets market needs is undoubtedly essential. As the most authoritative electronic industry exhibition with the longest history in China, China Electronics Show has undoubtedly become a high-quality platform to help auto parts industry enterprises achieve a win-win development.
The media, network and marketing channels with outstanding advantages cover China Electronics Fair. The biggest difference from other industry exhibitions is that it is a platform for peer competition and exchanges, and exhibitors can directly communicate. CEF’s industrial chain is fully integrated, allowing you to display on the same stage with leading manufacturers in the same industry at home and abroad, and at the same time to discuss high-tech, you can also directly communicate and meet with counterpart upstream and downstream enterprises. In addition, authoritative forums allow you to post or listen to hot topics such as industry orientation, market trends, and technological frontiers, and share experiences; e-exhibition online can enlarge the exhibition space 365 days; industry media will use the official website, more than one hundred thousand preferred high-quality databases, and Baidu More than professional media will release new products from manufacturers at the same time; key media and exhibition newsletters will invite *authoritative professional media in the industry to interview industry leaders*new technologies during the exhibition.
Based on the theme of “Informatization Promoting Industrialization, Electronic Technology Promoting Industrial Upgrading”, this year’s China Electronics Show will focus on resistance and capacitance, connectors, discrete devices, electronic manufacturing equipment, instrumentation, LED, automotive electronics, etc. The exhibition of field technologies and products has effectively promoted the connection between the main body of the supply and demand side of the electronic market and the upstream and downstream industries. At the same time, the simultaneous holding of authoritative forums allows industry professionals to publish or listen to hot topics such as industry orientation, market trends, and technological frontiers.
China Auto Parts Network is a professional portal website for the auto parts industry; the website is dedicated to building the largest online platform for the auto parts industry, with development as the goal, service as the concept, and based on China and facing the world. Products from the auto parts industry rush to the world to realize business opportunities!
China Auto Parts Network wishes to wish the “2013 82nd China Electronics Show” a success!

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